Steve radick josh radick are druggies

Columbus, Indiana 2 comments

Steve radick and his son josh radick like to think they are auto meckanicks.They are rip off artist who take your money and use it to buy drugs.

Steve has tons of complaints with angry customers . He needs to stop ripping people off. So before u hire someone try to make sure they do not drive a piece of junk camo truck that barely runs. If he can't work on his own vehicles what makes you think he can work on yours.

He is a big loser.

And he needs a hair cut and a shower.Thanks steve for being a great guy?

Review about: Unprofessional Auto Mechanics.



Indiana? Not; bay pride. Sorry josh about your dad= I'm sure u r a good guy; plus you hook me up on the price))))


Omg. Sorry josh. I knew he was a loser from what yhou have told me in school; steve radick is a scrap loser; lol sorry hun;

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